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Transforming online course

Transforming online courses that guide you deeper into yourself.

That’s what DivineSelfCare offers.

A course that helps you transform negative patterns into inner love.

What does the ego → Spirit course contain?

You will get:

  • lots of tools and implements that guide you in the process
  • audio files that help and support you on your journey
  • meditations that help the consciousness to develop
  • documents with all necessary knowledge
  • exercises to change the inner state

We will guide you in the most beautiful way, as we have walked the path ourselves. So what Divineselfcare passes on is something we ourselves have gone through, and integrated into our emotions. We know it works🤍

The benefits of online courses

Home study online training course, where you are guided into understanding the ego, its false framework and conceited illusions, which are based on past experiences that are reflected in new frameworks.

The advantage of an online course is that you can manage your time yourself, so that it fits into your day. You do not have to drive or take time off from it. As well as everything is gathered on a delicious platform in Simplero.

There is always the option of extra sparring, help, healing, personal sessions or whatever you may need.

It is a guide in reaching into the true self, the true being in you.

And to awaken the life energy / the luminous energy of life, which is also called kundalini / consciousness.

Literally Kundalini is just a spiritual word for the pure energy of life, it is the energy we were before we were grafted to have to be someone else.

We are grafted from childhood to fit into the family, the system and faiths. The child will do everything to be “right” and thereby turn his back on himself and his feelings. When we deny ourselves to fit in, we get hurt in the soul.

Do not let the mind control your life

Unfortunately, few of us have ever learned to feel our true selves. We learn very early to think about everything, so the only thing we feel is our thought-provoking emotions.

Our thoughts are not at all capable of controlling our lives as they are not necessarily true and many thoughts are really fuck-up. Try to observe for yourself how the thoughts are schizophrenic; then they will one and 2 minutes after the opposite. You can not like yourself, but you can learn to feel yourself true.

So this online course will help you get back to your true self.

Always interlock and when you begin this journey, the positive effect will spread like rings in the water. This is not symptom treatment, but we are getting deep into the root.

What will you be able to achieve with this course:

  • Spiritual development

  • Healing

  • Far greater well-being

  • Be filled with self-love

  • Redemption of trauma

  • Relieve anxiety, stress and depression.

  • Get rid of low self-esteem

  • Inner peace

  • Stand strong in yourself

  • Release of stagnant energy

  • Balancing

  • Awakening

  • Experience that joy comes from within

  • Release inappropriate pattern

  • Personal development

  • Mental stress relief

  • Get rid of thoughts

  • Meditations

  • Get to know yourself on a much deeper level

  • Mental well-being

  • Find internal resources

Learn to be guided by the truth of heart and the feeling of the soul.

Where it is the inner that controls you and not the outer that controls you.

In persona (the roles we play) we are governed by the illusory exterior

In soul one is governed by the inner.

Yes it all depends on what one believes in, Separation or Oneness.

It will move you in the understanding of what I am and into a path that just keeps unfolding like a lotus where consciousness keeps flowering new aspects of itself.

A bold deep and adventurous journey deep into your own universe.

The online course is without healing and initiation, but it can be purchased at a favorable price.

A way of living

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