Spiritual and holistisc mentoring

What is spiritual holistic mentoring?

When we work with holism, we work with wholeness.

In this case, it’s the wholeness of you. It involves altogether your physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual selves, that is, your entire person, with all of you involved. We are all unique and are in different places in life and all these external factors around you are part of your wholeness. And that is what we work with.

Mentoring makes your self-development easier.

When you choose to do spiritual self-development,  you may go through a lot with yourself and the journey can be long and heavy. Sometimes it can feel like standing in a stomp or going around in a circle. You may go back to the same imbalances / problems over and over again. It is not always easy to see the direction on this road.
It may also be that you want to take your spiritual self-development even further.
You choose for yourself how far into the core and essence of yourself you want to get and in what directions you would like to work. 
Therefore, it can be useful to get a helping hand and a few other pair of eyes to see with you.
It can be some exercises and materials that help your consciousness in its development.

Examples of mentoring we can help you with:

  • Find out about your inner resources

  • Increase your energy

  • Learn to master your consciousness

  • The understanding that we are a 2 pole consciousness

  • Learn breathing and consciousness techniques

  • Get to know new facets of yourself

  • Spiritual self-development.

  • More joy and ease in your life

  • Self-love, enjoying being you

  • Gain greater control over your body, your thoughts and emotions

  • Insight into your thought and action patterns, habits and beliefs

  • Gain a much deeper self-understanding

  • We teach you effective techniques that you will always be able to use in the future

  • More flow in your life.

  • And much much more…

What is a mentor?

A mentor is a person with both education and experience, who through counselling, sparring, guidance, coaching and feedback shares his experiences and competences to move, lift up and support development. Basically, here you will get to know yourself much better.

Through various exercises and work processes, you will rediscover yourself. We at DivineSelfCare have gone the way ourselves, and hold also lots of knowledge through diverse education.

We therefore have great knowledge and understanding of how deep the journey is.

Our consciousness consists of many facets. Through our 25 years of experience and especially our own journey, we can see through these facets. So we can illuminate your path.

The problems / imbalances are often something completely different than what we have thought.

On our own path, we have also used mentor ourselves, to see ourselves from a different angle.

Therefore, we would like to offer our knowledge to assist you on your path.

We would love to be a mentor on your path so you do not have to do it alone.

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