Initiation 2

The initiations are a journey down through the crown chakra, all the way down to the feeling of Self. The feeling of Self lies dormant in the root chakra.

In the 2nd initiation, we awaken the feeling of Self and carry it through all the chakras all the way back up to the crown chakra.

So our initiations are a journey deep into yourself to bring you back home to yourself.

In this initiation we go deep into the elementary functions of consciousness.

How our chakras work in relation to our experience of consciousness.

It is a deep journey into self understanding. We reach the root of the feeling of Self, through the training of the mind, the Spirit and our elementary Zero point from which everything is created.
In this way, the traveller gains self-insight and self-determination over his own consciousness.

This journey describes how our energetic part works within the mind, spirit and body in relation to consciousness.

You get lots of materials and exercises etc.
All material is available to you online in Simplero which you always have access to.

In addition, 3-4 hours are set aside in the clinic for you.
We will review the materials with you and answer any questions you may have.
The exercises are shown and gone through together.

Then you will receive your 2nd kundalini healing. We both give this healing and initiation. Our energy amplifies when we work together, which makes our treatments very powerful.

You will read in your material, during your healing process, about your opportunity to release whatever you consciously want to release. Be careful not to take too much with you. You get what you ask for, but you also need to be ready to face it and go through it on your journey home to your true Self.

Once we have made sure that all chakras etc. are balanced, you will eventually receive the initiation. This initiation is an energetic expansion of consciousness. It is a journey deep into yourself so that you can bring yourself back home.


Initiation was from ego to Spirit through training of the mind and feeling.


Initiation is then from Spirit to Soul through the training of the mind and feeling.

Spiritual Therapists, Mentors & Healers
Ayla & Rene Hjertelig