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Initiation 1

Our Initiations are dense and balanced

They are made of  techniques, exercises, material, sound, healing and initiations.

We have put together 4 initiations with the most effective tools to train your consciousness. So you are able to reach your goal without interruption.

The initiations are a journey down through the crown chakra, all the way down to the feeling of Self, which lies dormant in the root chakra. As we then awaken, we carry through all the chakras all the way back up to the crown chakra.

So our initiations are a journey deep into yourself, to bring you back home to yourself.

We have walked the path ourselves

We did go all the way at DivineSelfCare. With 25 years of experience, we both have a lot of experience with self-development.

Getting out of the hypnosis of persona is not that easy. That is why it is really important to be professionally guided by someone who has walked the path and knows what it is all about.

We’re not guessing we’ve been there!

All our treatments naturally take place with the utmost respect and genuine care for the individual/client so that the client’s healing process is not forced and his/her boundaries are also fully respected.

Namaste Om

What can you expect from the 1st initiation

At the first initiation, you will be guided as to how to find the false-self feelings, the false-self judgments. Which is also called the victim/judge mind.

This is a necessary basic understanding for you to find your true Self. You get an understanding of why the hypnosis of the persona / ego is as illusionary as it is.

Your journey goes from the judge mind (ego) to Spirit (awareness). As well as going from the victim feeling (ego) into Soul Consciousness. You get lots of exercises, materials and learn kundalini sounds etc. All material is available to you online in Simplero which you always have access to.

On top of all of this, 3-4 hours are set aside in the clinic for you.

We will review the material with you and answer any questions you may have. The exercises are shown and gone through together.

Then you will receive your first kundalini healing. We both give this healing and initiation. Our energy amplifies when we work together, which makes our treatments very powerful.

You will read in your material, during your healing process, about your opportunity to release whatever you consciously want to release. Be careful not to take too much with you. You get what you ask for, but you also need to be ready to face it and go through it on your journey home to your true Self.

Once we have made sure that all chakras etc. are balanced, you will eventually receive the initiation. This initiation is an energetic expansion of consciousness. It is a journey deep into yourself so that you can bring yourself back home.

Spiritual Therapists, Mentors & Healers
Filucca Myntte & Rene Hjertelig