Healing means to make whole within.

When We at DivineSelfCare talk about healing, it is pure life force energy.

We all have three aspects that must work as one unit.

  1. The mental part
  2. Emotional part
  3. The body / our temple of consciousness.

When we as individuals feel wrong, shame, fear, sorrow or guilt, we shut down the life force energy and turn to the false self.

We can see the mental part as being our head and our nervous system. This system then talks to the body which are our organs, cells etc.

It becomes then our emotional aspect and on that basis, we carry it in our temple / body.

However, it is much larger than that;

Our belief in ourselves becomes what we attract and what we get to experience.

When you judge yourself, shame yourself or fear yourself, then yes,  you shut down the life force energy, which in the sense of the word means giving life.

Our consciousness consists of an energy system which has approx. 72,000 energy centers  also called chakras.

In this sense, it is our median paths, energy paths.

When we judge ourselves, we close those energy paths. That is, we say to ourselves, you have no right to live, and then the energy stays away.

We are the magnet for what we experience and attract.

For what we think about ourselves is also what we see and what we come to meet.

In this understanding, it should be seen as a quantum image of the whole consciousness.

So when we heal with Kundalini energy then we fill the cart, we create holes through some of the blocked energy systems.

Both the mental and the emotional states create blockages unless they are in balance with each other.

Kundalini is the pure life force energy that flows cleanly from our source of life.

Kundalini can be understood; as a mother who divides herself completely purely towards her child. The mother’s unconditional love for her child, that is the essence of the kundalini energy.

At DivineSelfCare we work with Kundalini.

Kundalini is our subtle life force energy, which is also connected with our median paths and our chakras. As many probably know, our organs are connected to chakras and to planets. All chakras are complementary; half masculine and half feminine except the heart, which is Zero point.

Masculine and feminine should be understood as aspects of consciousness and not as gender (man /woman).

The body is by nature self-healing.

The temple we live in is a cosmic energetic consciousness that reflects itself into the world of forms. The body is both an earthly but also a cosmic organ.

So when we heal, we loosen up on all these blockages that the client experiences, the energy following the intention.

So we are in touch with all three aspects and see those 3 aspects as one. So it can be altogether mental, emotional, and physical healing.

The literal meaning of healing is to make whole.

Proximity and genuine care to be and feel good enough to be oneself is very essential in our healing.

All our treatments naturally begin with a conversation and takes place with the utmost respect and genuine care for the individual/client so that the client’s healing process is not forced and his/her boundaries are also fully respected.

Namaste Om

Spiritual Therapists, Mentors & Healers
Ayla & Rene Hjertelig